• Shank (PC) Review

    Shank`s life gets mixed up,as a man called Butcher breaks into his house and rapes his wife Anna!As Shank hears that the Butcher has killed his wife ,he swears to take revenge and starts
    his bloody way threw the hole country !Were her kills everything that can`t get away fast enough!Shank is a Hack & Slay in 2D.You control Shank with a Controller or a keybord(take the controller).To take your enemies out you have to use different combos and tactics!The game is quite difficult because Shank isn`t the tank like you think ,he mostly has less life then his enemies so you have to watch out and always be focused on that what happens!The monotonous killing in the game gets alternated by different jump and run passages!Also the story is really intersting and keeps you playing!
    The dark comic graphic in Shank fits perfectly to the bloody work the game is about!The backgrounds change in every level,but they ceep the same brown tone that keeps up threw the hole game !The Soundtrack fits good to the action and story sequences and is one fact that the game is so engrossing!At the End there is an epic boss fight that is all I say!Beside the normal kampange Shank has also got an local coop kampange which is a lot of fun too!I really liked Shank and had a lot of fun playing it !I give it a rating of 70%!
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  • The Binding of Isaac (PC) Review

    Isaac is a normal Boy untill the day his mother suddenly heares the voice of god!
    God tells her to kill her son Isaac ,she agrees and rushes into Isaacs room.
    Isaac is able to escape in the last minute,but he now is trapped in the Basement.
    He soon recognizes that lot`s of things in the Basement want to kill him so he has
    to fight!In the Basement are lots of things hidden, which Isaac uses to get power ups.
    There are over 100 Items to find and usen (all have different impacts).In the game there
    are different levels (Stages in the Basement)which have different random generated rooms
    with Items and enemies!The Binding of Isaac has a cartoon looking graphic with matches very
    good to the setting.The Soundtrack is one of my favorit and I even bought it !The music matches to the different situations and enemies ,especially bosses!At the end Isaac finds his self standing in front of his mother again!It is a simple but cool ending !Beside the bunch of items
    The Binding of Isaac has also different Charakters to provide,you unlock these by getting different achievements!All have different talents and skills.So it`s worth playing again and again!One of the best things I think in the game is ,that the Maker of Binding of Isaac has
    inspirated his self in the bible(remember Isaac from the Bible?),thats really cool and something
    new that never was done before!I give The Binding of Isaac a rating of 80% and you should really buy it for the price of about 8$!
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  • Rayman Origins (XboX,PS3,PC) Review

    The peaceful life of Rayman and his friends gets disturbed by a bunch of agressiv Mosters,
    of course Rayman doesn`t sit in his treehouse and waits-no he comes out and stands his man !
    In Rayman Origins you can ether play Rayman our one of his friends,which you can unlock with
    points,that you get for every completed level.At the end of every chapter you have to fight against a boss who ,these are quiet tricky and are only beatable if you fight them tactically.
    As further you get the difficulty level gets harder so you always have the fealing to get challenged.
    The colorful HD graphics in the game look awesome ,even though it still has the
    style of the Rayman we all know from earlier.All different landscapes you play in, look
    pretty different and have there own enemies (vulture`s in the desert).There are lots of beatiful looking details that make the game an milestone in history of jump and runs!
    The Soundtrack in Rayman Origins isn`t as good as I aspected,it`s pretty kid like and
    in some levels it really gets annoying.Some people may like it but I think they could have
    made a better one.
    The End of Rayman Origns really is special and everybody should have expirienced it on his own
    so I won`t say anything about it exept that it is one of the best endings I have ever seen
    in videogames.
    For people who dont like to play alone ,Rayman Origins has an local coop modus were you can play with up to 4 friends (you should have more then one keybord if you want to play with more than two people).People who played the predecessors will find some things that may remind them
    like good known charakters in new roles.
    In conclusion I have to say that Rayman Origins is a must have for all people who like jump and runs in someway!For about 40$ you get an next generation jump and run,that really is worth every buck!I give it a rating of 95%,and it really earned that !
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  • LIMBO (PC,XBOX) Review

    In LIMBO you play a liddle boy who is lost in a dark forest because he was looking for his sister ,which ran away.Almost erverything in the Game tryes to kill the little Boy
    (Traps,giant Spiders...)!That is why the game is quite hard too.As I first played the Game I was
    suprised how the Designers could make such an awesome Atmosphere in an Jump& Run that
    is totally in Black & White!But the Silhouettes in the forest give you the feeling that
    you really are in a spoky forest and you even sometimes get scared of the Realism!
    As further you get in the game you will visit many different places and meet many Creatures!
    Sometimes it gets a little boring,but in every Level there are new Challenges and Traps
    to pass !All the work you put in it is worth ,because it really has a nice Ending !
    So I liked it very much and for the price of about 10$ you cant say enything!
    I give it a Rating of 90%,so check it out and leave a comment at my Twitter
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